White Caves EP

by White Caves

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_CwS_ I love it all...from start to finish it pulls heart strings. This is music for life at large; it just happens and every second of it is beautiful. Favorite track: Bruise.
Charvel Learoyd
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Charvel Learoyd White Caves is so unique & beautiful. Favorite track: These Streets.
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released October 31, 2013

Written & Produced by D. Cordeux
Mixed by Jean-Paul Fung
Mastered by Andrew Edgson at Studios 301



all rights reserved


White Caves Melbourne, Australia

Dream Pop out of Melbourne, Australia.

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Track Name: Tide
Used to think that I was free
But I’ve been drifting out to sea
I’m not where you want me to be
Fields and rivers filled with gold
Have been dug out, packed up and sold
And I have never been so empty

You were the waves that came around
But now the tide is going out
You were the sun that gave me light
But now the day has turned to night
You were the dream I came to feel
But now the world is far too real
I don’t want to lose
All I found with you

Fell into an open well
And crawled into the pits of hell
I wait for you to reach out to me
I know that I’ve been a mess
And sometimes I’ve been even less
But that don’t mean that we have nothing

As I float the shore gets smaller before my eyes
When did I stop swimming and give in to the tide?
Breathing makes no difference it just fills me with brine
When did I stop swimming and give up on us?
Track Name: Bruise
Fall into the cracks
Into the hole he left behind
You say you’re just a bruise waiting to heal
A beat up ride without it’s wheels
I want you to…

Take my eyes
How can you be so blind?
Why don’t you see yourself how I see you?
Take my eyes
How can you be so blind?
Why don’t you see yourself how I see you?

Where you see a scar
I see what makes you who you are
I promise you that when you see a mess
That’s when I see you at your best
I want you to…

I’m on your side
You know that I’m on your side
(I want you to take my eyes)
Track Name: I've Lost
Under skies so bright
Searching low and high
Where has my mind gone?
Burned out by the sun

I’ve lost all I am
I’ve lost all I am

All I am
Track Name: Monsters
Vanished in the middle of the night
Called a thousand times but no reply
There are monsters in the wild
Why’d you venture out there child?
I won’t sleep a wink ‘til you return

Echo my thoughts
My thoughts
My thoughts

And run through that door
That door
That door

What if there is darkness in the truth?
Taken in the middle of your youth
Did they hang you up with wire?
Did they blacken you with fire?
Every hour’s a lifetime that I wait

Echo my heart
My heart
My heart

And run to my arms
My arms
My arms

I know I will see you in the mist of dreams

How long must I wait?
(‘Til you’re home?)
Track Name: These Streets
I’ve been up and down these streets
And there’s not a soul who’s got you beat
It may seem odd, it might sound strange
But you are the cure to all my pain

When I’m down in the gutter
I want you to care
In the depths of my darkness
I wish you were there
When I stare at your picture
It feels like a sin
And I hope there’ll come a time
When you’ll let me in

I’m alone, shitfaced and broke
And I’ve dreamt of you since I awoke
But how could I be in your thoughts
When you could have any man you want?

All the things I’ve done
All the things I’ve seen
Don’t equate to much
Without you here with me

You and I could be a team
If only it were up to me
But I know I’m not part of your plan
So I guess these streets are all I have